SCATU Introduction Video

This is the second version of our introduction video.  You can watch it below.


ShieldSpec LLC is named as a Top Tier Distributor

Ron Henderson, President of ShieldSpec LLC, a Veteran Owned Small Business, has been named as a top tier distributor for the SCATU.

“We are proud to get in on the ground floor, so to speak, of this new product. When we heard about the great success PRCUA was having with their SCATU’s, we thought this would be the perfect product line to diversify our business.  We have experience in taking products nationally, selling to government agencies, and setting up dealer and service networks, which is just what this product needs, to get it into the hands of the thousands of local utilities that need it.”- Henderson

Ten months after the first SCATU deployment, ShieldSpec has been named as a top tier distributor.  This designation allows ShieldSpec to market the SCATU nationwide and set up local distributors and installers. This helps potential customers, which are often government agencies in several ways. First, many government agencies are encouraged to do business with veteran owned businesses, so ShieldSpec provides an avenue to meet those goals while providing a valuable service. Second, ShieldSpec is able to train local personnel on the installation and operation of the SCATU.  

“Utilities usually have local in-house or contractor personnel, they prefer to work on their systems.  We can train their personnel, or oversee their first installation and then back them up if they ever run into any trouble. We are excited about training local technicians, because once a utility has tried one SCATU they will be ordering many more.“ - Henderson


Parasitic Power Option Added to SCATU

This new option allows the SCATU to be used indoors where no sunlight is available for charging.  This option allows the unit to "steal" a small amount of power from one of the AC sense lines.


New Production SCATU Introduced


First SCATA Prototype Deployed